Halloween Math Game

Here is a Halloween Math game that I have created.
There are 2 versions – an addition game and a multiplication game.

It is called Monster Cover Up.
This Halloween game is an ideal Halloween classroom game.

Hope the kids like it!

Just go to www.kids-halloween-activities.com/monster.htm

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Indoor Halloween Games

gif 1004halloween006 Indoor Halloween GamesHaving a Halloween Party for Kids?

Here’s a few quiet Halloween Games for you.

If you’re having a party and you need a few quiet games try these out. It’s a great way for the kids to have fun without the adults having a headache!

Halloween Whispers

This is an indoor Halloween games that can be played with a large group. It is a version of the game Chinese Whispers. To start with, have all of the children write one spooky sentence on a piece of paper. Don’t let them show their sentence to anyone else and the supervisor collects the sentences.

The children sit in a circle and the supervisor gives one of the sentences to a child in the circle. This child reads the sentence and whispers it the person beside them who then whispers it the next person. This continues around the circle until it reaches the last person who then tells the group what the sentence is. By this time the sentence has usually changed considerably and there will be lots of laughter as the distorted version is told to the group.

Halloween Bingo

There are also some indoor Halloween games that kids can be involved in preparing. Halloween bingo can be played by large or small groups. Create a list of Halloween words and let the children make their own Bingo cards with these words. They can use a 3 x 3 grid and write nine of the words on the grid. This way there can be two winners. The first winner can be the one who gets a row of three first and the next winner can be the one who completes their card first.

Hal Bingo Indoor Halloween GamesRemember that there are Halloween Bingo Cards included in Kids Halloween Activities.

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Remember you can save 50% on Kids Halloween Activities now by going to www.kids-halloween-activities.com and clicking on the bat at the top of the page.

You’ll get

Kids Halloween Activities – word puzzles, math sheets, mazes, sudokus, coloring, bookmarks and more!

Kids Halloween Games – Bingo, Dominoes, board games, Riddle match, games sheets and more!

Halloween Brain Teasers Cards - to teaser their brains

And Games For Hallow-e’en This delightful book by Mary F Blain


How cute are these pumpkins? 

pumpkin 300x234 Indoor Halloween Games

You Can Paint the Cutest Pumpkins in the Neighborhood Too!

Happy Halloween!

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Haunted House Halloween Board Game

Halloween Board Game Haunted House Halloween Board GameWant the kids to give the kids some Halloween fun?

I’ve just created a printable Halloween Board Game for my subscribers.

It is called Haunted House. In this Halloween game the players have to move the bats into the Haunted House and the last player to move a bat in is the winner.

It is game of strategy so as well as being fun it is actually educational too! Isn’t that the best kind of game for kids?

Download your free Haunted House Board Game at


Want More Halloween Printables?

Remember there are more Printable Halloween Games for kids available at www.kids-halloween-activities.com .

The Kids Halloween Activities Collection also includes

Halloween Math Worksheets

Halloween Word Puzzles

Halloween Bingo and Halloween Dominoes

Halloween Sudoku

Halloween Coloring

and more!

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Halloween Treasure Hunt

The ultimate Halloween party game has to be a treasure hunt.

But these can be hard to organize, especially if you want really good clues.

I have found an easy way to create the perfect Treasure Hunt for Halloween and I don’t have to spend hours trying to think up clever clues.

Riddle Me Halloween Treasure HuntThe Riddle Me Treasure Hunt and Scavenger Hunt Software will do it all for you. And best of all, you can use it again and again for Christmas and birthday parties too. Each time, you’ll get a unique treasure hunt that will make your party a real hit. You’ll be the one who has parties that the kids talk about after.

This is really clever software. Have a look for yourself at www.riddleme.net

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Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party Games

gif bat 0 Halloween Party GamesTrick or Treat Parcel is a Halloween party game that is a version of the birthday party game, ‘Pass the Parcel’. To play this game you’ll need a parcel with many different layers of wrapping. In each layer there is either a small treat, like a candy or a sticker or there is a trick card which names something that the child has to do. The treat card might say something like, ‘Do a mummy dance,’ or ‘Howl like a werewolf.’ The center of the parcel can be a larger treat or a bag or candy with a note that says to share with those who didn’t get a treat in the game.

To play, the children sit in a circle and the parcel is passed as around the circle while music is played. Use Halloween or spooky themed music like ‘Monster Mash’ or ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. When the music stops the child with the parcel unwraps a layer and either takes treat or performs the trick. This continues until the parcel is completely unwrapped.

Hope the kids enjoy this Halloween party game!

Looking for Halloween Treats? – You really don’t need candy. There are so many alternatives.

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Printable Halloween Activities

What’s in Kids Halloween Activities?

Watch this video to see some of the Kids Halloween Printables.

Halloween Word Puzzles

Halloween Math Worksheets

Halloween Mazes

Halloween Board Games

Halloween Print and Play Games

Halloween Bingo

Halloween Dominoes

Halloween Bookmarks

Halloween Cards

Halloween Coloring

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Halloween Treats That Won’t Rot Their Teeth

This halloween there are loads of different treats that you can give kids that won’t rot their teeth.

You don’t need candy this Halloween.

Instead there are lots of little treats that you can give to kids that are much healthier than candy!

Here  is a list of things that will appeal to the kids but won’t give them cavities.

Halloween pencils

Halloween pencil toppers

Halloween stickers or tatoos

Halloween erasers

Halloween balloons

Small rubber ducks - you might even find some Halloween themed ones!

Glow necklaces

Plastic spiders or stretchy plastic spiders



Printed Halloween Coloring Sheets rolled up like a scroll and tied with black ribbon

Printed Halloween Puzzle Sheets rolled up in a scroll and tied with string

Printed Halloween Game Sheets rolled up in a scroll

If you have any other favorite Halloween treats that don’t involve candy, let me know and I will share them here.

Halloween Coloring Sheet                 sudoku numbers Halloween Treats That Won’t Rot Their Teeth

maze 1 Halloween Treats That Won’t Rot Their Teeth                 tic tac toe Halloween Treats That Won’t Rot Their Teeth

Printable Halloween Puzzles and Games from


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Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween Crafts
Here are a few of my favorites:
Transparent Ghosts

Transparent ghosts make an effective decoration. You will require wax paper, glitter, black construction paper, string, and newspaper. First, take two large pieces of wax paper and put them together. Trace and then cut out a large ghost shape from the waxed paper. Next, cut out eyes from the black paper and a ghostly shape mouth from construction.

Lay one ghost wax paper down on a piece of newspaper. Then lay down the eyes and mouth and sprinkle with glitter. Place the second wax paper ghost shape over the first one, lining up the edges. Next put another piece of newspaper over this and iron it with an iron set on a medium heat until both pieces of wax paper are stuck together. Your ghost is then ready to be hung up.

Spider Webs

These webs can be used in the window where they will look great catching the sunlight during the day or indoor lights during the night. Start with a large sheet of wax paper or thin white paper. With a pencil draw a spider’s web on the paper. Use curving lines to make a pleasant design. Next go over the lines of the web with white glue then sprinkle with glitter. When the glue is dry it should be invisible and only the glitter will be seen. Hang in the window or in a corner somewhere. They also look good hanging in a doorway

More Halloween Crafts at www.easy-kids-halloween-crafts.com
Easy Kids Halloween Crafts

Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Educational Halloween Game

Halloween Hangman

gif Halloween children suit002 300x300 Educational Halloween GameHere’s a great idea for an Educational Halloween Game. Take the traditional Hangman spelling game and look at what you can do.  

The traditional hangman diagram can be used and is most appropriate for this time of year. It can be played in the usual way but instead of using any word, a Halloween themed word can be used. You might use the words vampire, witches, potion and haunted.

A slightly different version can also be used. Instead of using just a word that has to be spelled out, try using a whole sentence. Create a spooky, Halloween themed sentence like, ‘As we walked along the deserted road a fog surrounded us and we heard an eerie wailing close behind.’ Draw a dash for every letter of the sentence leaving a space between the words. The game is then played in the same way as the traditional game. You probably won’t get much of the hangman drawn but it is a good educational Halloween game that gets kids using their spelling skills as they try to work out the words in the sentence.

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Halloween Math Makes Math More Interesting

Halloween math is a great way to motivate kids to actually want to do math. Let’s face it, math isn’t always a favorite subject. But it will quickly become a favorite when you add a Halloween twist to math practice. There are many different skills that can be practiced by adding a Halloween twist to math practice. Below are my three favorite ways to get kids excited about math as Halloween approaches.

1. Grab Some Pumpkins

There are many different Halloween math activities that can be done with a few pumpkins. Get about 6 or 7 pumpkins and label each of them with a letter or to make it even more fun let the kids give each one a name. Now the kids can get involved in estimating and measuring. Have them order the pumpkins according to weight, from the smallest to the largest. Then they can estimate how much each pumpkin weights. They can also estimate the circumference of each pumpkin and then the height and width of each one. If this is a bit difficult for the kids, do the measuring for one of the pumpkins first so that the kids will have some idea of the mass and measurements on one pumpkin before they do their estimating for the others.

After all of the estimating has been done it is time to start measuring. Get out the scales and some measuring tapes and record the weight, circumference, height and width of each. Children can then record their results and see how accurate their estimates were.

Halloween Math Worksheets available at www.kids-halloween-activities.com

2. Halloween Buzz

Buzz is a counting game that has been played by kids for ages. It can quickly become a Halloween math game just by changing the word ‘buzz’ to a Halloween word. You might like to use ‘Dracula’, ‘Boo’ or ‘trick or treat’. Start with multiples of seven being the banned numbers that have to be replaced by the buzz word.

To play the kids just go around the group counting in ones but when they get to the number seven, any multiple of seven or any number that contains a seven, they say the buzz word instead. If they don’t they are out. So the counting should sound like this – one, two, three, four, five, six, ‘boo’, eight, nine ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, ‘boo’ etc. Sounds easy but does require concentration and also a good knowledge of multiples.

3. Build a Skeleton

In this Halloween math game, two teams or two players compete against each other. This game involves choosing a basic skeleton shape to be drawn as the game progresses. A math question or problem is given and the first player or team to answer correctly wins the right to draw a piece of the skeleton. The first team or player to complete the skeleton is the winner. To make it even more fun paper skeletons can be bought and pulled apart. The winner of each round can then take one piece of their skeleton. The game is over when one player or team has all of the pieces of the skeleton.

Not all kids like math but when math becomes Halloween math this will change and the kids will be begging for more. Hope the kids enjoy these Halloween math activities. Happy Halloween!

Visit www.kids-halloween-activities.com for more Halloween Math Activities.

Kids Halloween Activities

Kids Halloween Activities

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