Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party Games

gif bat 0 Halloween Party GamesTrick or Treat Parcel is a Halloween party game that is a version of the birthday party game, ‘Pass the Parcel’. To play this game you’ll need a parcel with many different layers of wrapping. In each layer there is either a small treat, like a candy or a sticker or there is a trick card which names something that the child has to do. The treat card might say something like, ‘Do a mummy dance,’ or ‘Howl like a werewolf.’ The center of the parcel can be a larger treat or a bag or candy with a note that says to share with those who didn’t get a treat in the game.

To play, the children sit in a circle and the parcel is passed as around the circle while music is played. Use Halloween or spooky themed music like ‘Monster Mash’ or ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. When the music stops the child with the parcel unwraps a layer and either takes treat or performs the trick. This continues until the parcel is completely unwrapped.

Hope the kids enjoy this Halloween party game!

Looking for Halloween Treats? – You really don’t need candy. There are so many alternatives.

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