Indoor Halloween Games

gif 1004halloween006 Indoor Halloween GamesHaving a Halloween Party for Kids?

Here’s a few quiet Halloween Games for you.

If you’re having a party and you need a few quiet games try these out. It’s a great way for the kids to have fun without the adults having a headache!

Halloween Whispers

This is an indoor Halloween games that can be played with a large group. It is a version of the game Chinese Whispers. To start with, have all of the children write one spooky sentence on a piece of paper. Don’t let them show their sentence to anyone else and the supervisor collects the sentences.

The children sit in a circle and the supervisor gives one of the sentences to a child in the circle. This child reads the sentence and whispers it the person beside them who then whispers it the next person. This continues around the circle until it reaches the last person who then tells the group what the sentence is. By this time the sentence has usually changed considerably and there will be lots of laughter as the distorted version is told to the group.

Halloween Bingo

There are also some indoor Halloween games that kids can be involved in preparing. Halloween bingo can be played by large or small groups. Create a list of Halloween words and let the children make their own Bingo cards with these words. They can use a 3 x 3 grid and write nine of the words on the grid. This way there can be two winners. The first winner can be the one who gets a row of three first and the next winner can be the one who completes their card first.

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How cute are these pumpkins? 

pumpkin 300x234 Indoor Halloween Games

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Happy Halloween!

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